Samsung’s new foldable spotted at CES 2023 with water-drop hinge, it could be Fold 5

A few days ago, reports of Samsung using a new hinge technology for its upcoming Galaxy Z Fold 5 were found, which was initially named the ‘Dumbbell’ type hinge by Samsung. Now, reports of a foldable device spotted at the CES 2023 also joined the internet, which seems to have the same Z Fold 5-like hinge technology. Hence, it has been assumed that the device is none else but Samsung’s Galaxy Z Fold 5. 

As per a blog on Naver, at the Consumer Electronic show 2023, Samsung displayed a device that used Samsung’s new waterdrop-type hinge. The blog also shared a practical image of this new device and the Galaxy Z Fold 4 device. In this image, we can see that the Z Fold 4 device has a U-shaped hinge, while this new device is comprising thinner, has a teardrop-type hinge, and doesn’t show any gap while folded. 

However, it hasn’t been confirmed yet whether the device shown at CES is Z Fold 5 or not, but it has the same hinge technology and specs which were reported for the Fold 5 device previously. It may not confirm the device, but it is indeed helpful to know what new Samsung will do with its foldable devices in the future. Besides, even if it is the Fold 5 device, there’s still confusion about the Flip 5, whether it will use the new hinge or not. 

Notably, if you are unaware of this new ‘Dumbbell’ hinge, let us tell you that the company has developed it to reduce the damage to the display. It uses a waterdrop-type display, which rolls out inside the main body to prevent damage. If you want to know more about it, you can check our previous dedicated article, which can be found here

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