Canadian Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A53 devices are grabbing a new January 2023 security update

Samsung is back in Canada with the January 2023 update; this time, the company is distributing the update to two more smartphones, including Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy A53. However, these devices already received this security update in several countries a few days ago. These devices have also received the Android 13 as a major update and are currently receiving the second post-update.

Galaxy Note 20 could still receive the One UI 5.1

According to official documentation from Samsung, the devices are eligible for monthly security updates. Notably, the latest update comes as the year’s first security update in the form of the January 2023 security patch.

Galaxy Note 20

Galaxy Note20 series devices were launched in 2020 and came with Android 10; later, the device received further updates and currently running on Android 13. However, the device is no longer eligible for further Android updates, but it will continue to receive the security update, the same as now these devices are receiving the January 2023 security update; users can identify the latest update by the firmware version numbers N981WVLS3GWA1 and N986WVLS3GWA1 for Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 ultra respectively.

Galaxy A53

Samsung introduced the Galaxy A53 5G device to target the mid-range segment market, it was launched in march last year, and the device comes with Android 12 preinstalled. Still, after receiving the timely update, the device received the Android 13 update. As the device came into the market after the updated policy of Samsung, so the Galaxy A53 device is eligible for four Android updates, which means it will receive the update up to Android 16. The device is receiving the January 2023 security patch update with firmware version A536WVLU3BWA4.

What is the January 2023 update?

The January 2023 update is part of the monthly security update program which Google runs to make Android devices more secure and stable against external threats. Moreover, the update includes several patches that are included by Google as well as Samsung for Galaxy devices.

If you want to secure your data on your device, it is recommended to keep the device updated with the latest security patch; January 2023 is available for download in Canada via OTA.

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