Galaxy S23 pre-order benefits for Verizon, T-Mobile, and AT&T

After unveiling its Galaxy S23 device earlier today now, Samsung is back in the business of selling its device; to attract customers, the company has joined hands with some network carriers and giving great deals. Let’s check them out according to the carrier.

Verizon is offering free Watch 5 and Tab S7 FE

The offer is stated that if you switch to Verizon or upgrade, you can get the Galaxy S23 for free, or you can get $800 off on any Galaxy S23 model. If the customer switch will also get $200 after signing up for Verizon eCard.

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On the other hand, Verizon is also giving a free Galaxy Watch 5, and Galaxy Tab S7 FE, as well as customers who have preordered a Galaxy from Verizon, will get an upgraded storage tier for free, which means if you preorder the 512 GB variant, you will get the 1 TB variant on the same price.

AT&T is offering a new Galaxy S23 in exchange for an old phone

AT&T is back again with its unique promotion for the Galaxy S23 device; the company is offering the device for free in exchange for any old phone. It will take your old phone and give you the latest vanilla Galaxy S23 or 256 GB for free.

Offer conditions:

To avail of the offer, AT&T has only one condition you have to be part of its network, which means you have to switch your network or be a new customer. After fulfilling this condition, you will be offered up to $1000 off on Galaxy S23 series devices. On the other hand, if you want to buy it for free, the company is ready to exchange your old device, but it should be the one from Galaxy Note, Galaxy S or Galaxy Z series phone. Old Google Pixel phones are also eligible. As the company is offering the Any phone any condition exchange, so you can exchange the devices irrespective of how old they are.

T-Mobile offering $1000 off on preorders of Galaxy S23

T-Mobile is also offering preorder deals for Galaxy S23 devices; however, it is not offering any freebies like other mobile networks, but still, the company is offering many incentives for its magenta customers to make an upgrade.

The carrier is promoting its network strength in that way and wants to make believe that it has the most reliable network compared to others; apart from this company is also offering up to $1000 off on any Galaxy S23 device to switch on to its network.

When you enrol in the magenta max plan, you will get many benefits, like you will get up to $1000 off on any device in the line on Magenta Max. They can also get $500 on the Galaxy S23+ with an eligible trade-in on any plan. The Galaxy S23+ and Galaxy S23 Ultra start at $41.67 per month and $ 50 per month on a payment plan.

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  1. Think you got the upgrade tier wrong for Verizon, they have the ID you orser the S23 Ultra, you can get the 512 at the same price as the 256 gig, but if you know something about them getting the 1 tb variant, that would be phenomenal to hear also


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