Former Qualcomm Vice president Benny Katibian became the Head of Samsung’s SARC

Benny Katibian, the former Vice President of Qualcomm, has named as the Head of Samsung’s US corporation at the end of last year. As the Head, he will lead the South Korean firm’s Samsung Austin Research Center (SARC) and Advanced Computing Lab (ACL), which are the core Research & Development centers of Samsung Electronics’ US division. Let’s take a look at the full report.

Let us inform you that Samsung Electronics’ System LSI (large scale integration) Division is providing the Exynos Auto SoC, an artificial intelligence (AI)-based automotive processor, to the tech market. In particular, this SoC is being supplied to automakers such as Volkswagen and Audi. The company wants to upgrade its Exynos Auto SoC, so it can get an even stronger hold on the market, to maintain its market dominance.

To make it possible, the former Qualcomm VP will surely be proven beneficial to Samsung, as he is a semiconductor expert; he was in charge of developing self-driving systems like advanced driving assistance systems at Qualcomm. Later on, he became the COO of Xiaoping’s North American corporation, a Chinese electric car company, where Benny planned the self-driving chip’s development. His abilities will help Samsung as well, to stand out in this league.

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