One UI 5.1 adds new Dynamic Weather Widget feature

Samsung recently introduced it’s new One UI 5.1 with its latest flagship smartphone, the form Galaxy S23, moving ahead yesterday; the Korean giant officially announced the One UI 5.1 and revealed the roadmap for some Galaxy devices. With the latest update, the company has severed several new features and improvements for the devices; one of the noticeable improvements is in the weather widget; let’s know more about it.

The weather widget has now been revamped with cool new improvements. It can display information about the weather in two sizes and have some cool animations as well.

Dynamic widget have animations for each weather

With the One UI 5.1 update, the weather widget has come with some new animations which are accurate in which type of weather it is now; it shows six types of animations for different weather, such as, it has an animated character that walks into the frame which dressed up according to the weather for example if it’s snowing the person wears a scarf, if it’s sunny, it displays a person holding a water bottle and so on. These animations last for only 5 sec, and they don’t run in a loop; however, you can enjoy the animation by tapping the refresh button.

The new update also brings the stackability for the weather widget, which means you can easily attach the weather widget so it will be kept on the home screen or wherever you want; that’s a very useful feature; there are some more minimal improvements also done so you can enjoy it more by updating your Galaxy device with One UI 5.1.

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