Samsung One UI 5.1 Edge Panel gets a makeover: sleek and modern design

With the arrival of the One UI 5.1 update, the South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has altered too many elements of its Galaxy device, or we can say they are now further improved. For example, the animations of the Galaxy devices are now smoother than ever, the lock screen will now be customized to the end, and the abilities of the device, including multitasking, connectivity, and sharing, have also been enhanced than before.

One UI 5.1 Edge Panel

Recently, a user, Vertox360, shared some images of a Galaxy device having One UI 5.1 in it on his Twitter account. He also said that Samsung has started to shift to a darker (or we can say pure black) and blur-styled theme for the Galaxy device’s edge panels and killing the older one. The images that he shared are also justifying the above-mentioned point about the change that the company has altered the edge panel. 

We can also see in those shared images Samsung is slowly diminishing its old and outdated grey theme of edge panels and moving on to the bolder option, which surely is an advantageous option. Now, the edge panel can be seen in a pure black theme, which is trendy nowadays. The panel also seems to have quite a blurry effect, which differentiates it from the older one. You can see the new edge panel’s images below.

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