Samsung’s four new devices to join Galaxy Z foldable series

Wherever we talk about foldable phones, Samsung’s name automatically pops up in our minds out of nowhere. Undoubtedly, Samsung is leading the foldable market at present. Samsung’s Galaxy Z foldable series has gained a lot of admiration with its current four generations. The 5th Galaxy foldable generation will also arrive in the second half of this year. However, with the future foldable, Samsung will break the margin. 

As per the Tweet of well-known tipster RGcloudS, the South Korean firm is about to add four more devices to the future Galaxy Z foldable series, which means the series will deliver a total of six devices by adding four new devices to the old two. Let us tell you Samsung has developed new technologies to may the Galaxy foldable more reliable. However, the new devices will still take a little while to come to the market. 

New members of the future foldable series

Firstly, let’s know which new devices will join this league. Their names are listed below. 

  • Galaxy Z Flex
  • Galaxy Z Fold Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Flip Ultra
  • Galaxy Z Tab 

However, as we have mentioned before, these devices will take a little longer to make it to the market. As per the tipster, Samsung has planned them for the year 2025. Consequently, the 2025 Galaxy Z foldable series will have six devices, unlike the current’s only two- Galaxy Z Fold and Z Flip. Because these devices are yet to be announced officially and will take time, there isn’t much info regarding them but only a few.  

As per the leaks, the new Galaxy Z Fold of 2025 may have QHD+ Display by BOE, and the Ultra Z Fold will get a 4K resolution Display made by Samsung. Similarly, the future Galaxy Z Flip of 2025 is expected to feature BOE’s Full HD+ Display and the Ultra one to get Samsung’s own 2K resolution screen. Besides, there will be two more devices as well- Galaxy Z Flex and Z Tab. Let’s keep an eye on them as well. 

  • Galaxy Z Fold should have a screen with QHD+ resolution made by BOE
  • the Galaxy Z Fold Ultra screen should have a 4K resolution and be made by Samsung
  • Galaxy Z Flip should have a screen with Full HD+ resolution made by BOE
  • the Galaxy Z Flip Ultra screen should have a 2K resolution and be made by Samsung

As the tipster suggested, in the year 2025, we may get to see Samsung’s first tri-fold device- the Galaxy Z Flex, and at the same time, the firm may unveil its first foldable tab too- the Galaxy Z Tab. Unfortunately, we haven’t got any information regarding them. However, these are just rumors presently, but if they turn out to be true, we are dead sure they will bring a revolutionary to the foldable world with their diverse imprint. 

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