Lawsuit filed against Samsung over overheating Galaxy laptops in the US

The South Korean tech firm Samsung has recently faced a class-action lawsuit in the USA. The class-action lawsuit has been filed over Samsung’s older Laptops, which are constantly showing severe heating issues. However, it is not the first time that Samsung has been sued over its devices. Previously, for the Galaxy Z Fold 3 device’s hinge durability, Samsung faced a class-action lawsuit. 

As per Top Class Action’s report, this lawsuit has been filed in New Jersey federal court. The laptops over which the lawsuit has been filed are 2021 models of the Galaxy Book series- Galaxy Book, Galaxy Book Pro, and Galaxy Book Pro 360. The accuser, Haley Williams, stated, “excessively overheat when performing basic laptop functions.” He said the company didn’t do anything about it, even after knowing about them. 

However, one thing is unknown, whether the laptop has been showing this issue since the start or it appeared after some time. In that manner, the accuser has demanded a jury trial and also asked for declaratory and inductive relief and compensation for the actual, exemplary, and statutory damages for all the members. Unfortunately, there are no words from Samsung on that matter. 

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