Samsung Galaxy Watches to get new widget, sound and display modes [WearOS]

Google has a monopoly on both smartphone and smartwatch operating systems, with its Android and WeaOS. In terms of WearOS, reliable manufacturers like Samsung uses this OS in their smartwatches. Recently, Google delivered some accessibilities for its smartwatch Operating System, which will be applicable to WearOS-booted watches as well, including the Galaxy Watch 5 and Watch 4

Single note widget for Google Keep in WearOS

Let us inform you Google has recently provided a new single-note widget for the Google Keep service of WearOS. The single-note widget will let us manage our notes and to-do lists swiftly. It also provides us the ability to tap/mark complete, which is indeed helpful for lists. It also shows reminders, background colors, and images that are added to the note.

A pair of WearOS 3 complications

Along with this new Single note widget, a pair of WearOS 3 complications will also make its way to Google Keep in WearOS watches. These two complications let us create notes and to-do lists instantly. Apart from this, the other novelty is, the voice inputs open up whenever we tap on our WearOS-booted watch’s face, and with this novelty, we can also confirm the transcript before it’s saved. 

Mono-audio feature for WearOS watches

With the WearOS 3+, Google will provide us the ability to set mono-audio in WearOS watches, which will be helpful in reducing disorientation caused by split audio. In addition to this, to provide multiple options for the watch’s display, some new color-correction and grayscale modes will also arrive in the WearOS watches in the coming time. These modes will make their way into the watches as part of a modest Spring feature frop.

Samsung updating Galaxy Watch 5 and 5 Pro in the US

Summarily, all of these novelties will be indeed helpful to enhance the WearOS watch’s experience. In Samsung’s case, the Galaxy Watch 4 and Galaxy Watch 5 series are running on Google’s WearOS, which means these new novelties will make their way to Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 as well. 

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