Galaxy Watch 4 & Watch 5 get One UI 5 icon, Camera zoom controller, Body composition feature in the USA

The Galaxy Watch 4 and Watch 5 series are a perfect style, comfort, and technology. With their newly added camera zoom controller & body composition feature in the USA, they offer a great way to stay connected with your phone while also keeping track of your health. With features like these and more, Samsung has truly outdone itself once again by providing an unbeatable user experience with its latest watches.

The long-awaited Camera Zoom controller and Body composition feature for the Galaxy Watch 4, Watch 4 Classic, Watch 5, and Watch 5 Pro have finally arrived in the US. These features were first introduced in other markets last month, but US Verizon users have had to wait until now to get them.

The Camera Zoom controller lets you control the zoom level of the smartphone camera on your Galaxy Watch 4 or Watch 5 series without having to touch the mobile screen. This is a great feature for those who want to take photos or videos without having to worry about getting fingerprints on their display.

Software Version:

  • Galaxy Watch 4
    • R865USQU1GWA3 (40mm)
    • R875USQU1GWA3 (44mm)
  • Galaxy Watch 4 Classic
    • R885USQU1GWA3 (42mm)
    • R895USQU1GWA3 (46mm)
  • Galaxy Watch 5
    • R905USQU1AWA3 (40mm)
    • R915USQU1AWA3 (44mm)
  • Galaxy Watch 5 Pro
    • R925USQU1AWA3 (45mm)

The update is currently being rolled out to all Verizon customers in the United States. If you own a Galaxy Watch 4 or Galaxy Watch 5, you should be able to see the update notification on your watch soon.

What’s changing:

Camera Controller

Use your watch to remotely control the zoom level on the camera of your paired Samsung smartphones in the preview screen when taking a picture or recording a video. Using your fingers, you can pinch to zoom in and out or use the rotating bezel to control the camera zoom level. (Only applicable to smartphones launched after the Galaxy S20 series and the Galaxy Z Flip running One UI 5.1 or later.)

Samsung Health

Body composition: You can now initiate the body composition measurement through your phone. Open the Samsung Health app on your connected smartphone > select Body composition > select Measure, then follow the instruction on your watch to complete the measurement.

The Body composition feature measures your body fat percentage, muscle mass, and water content. This information can help you track your fitness progress and ensure you’re staying hydrated.

The first time you use Body composition on the Samsung Health app, a pop-up window will display. Click the measurement guide for more information.

App icons have been updated to the latest smartphone One UI 5 app icons.

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