Samsung will allow eSIM transfer between Galaxy devices in this year

Google has been working on eSIM technology for a long time; in the past few years, the company has made some important development in this field, now with the latest information, we got to know that the mountain view company has announced a new utility for android devices regarding eSIM which will be very useful for the Android users. So it obviously benefits Samsung device users. Let’s know about it in detail.

Samsung smartphone users now easily transfer eSIMs across Galaxy devices

The eSIM concept is not new; this technology has been running for many years and gets significant developments; for starters, eSIM is basically the virtual form of the SIM card, which is provided by different mobile network carriers so users can use their services. Now, as per the information, Galaxy users will be able to transfer the eSIM quickly and securely.

Moreover, the users will be able to switch all the existing services from one device to another device. In other words, if you have active mobile in the eSIM with a respected number, you can easily transfer all the active services as it is to other devices. As obvious, this service will only be available for eSIM-compatible devices; Samsung has many devices which offer eSIM connectivity.

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Moreover, the easy transfer of eSIM will be available with new updates, as per the information Google has announced for all the eSIM compatible Android devices; it is also reported that this function may come with the new Android 14 update, so for Samsung devices, it will be available with the One UI 6.0 update. It is also worth noticing that the feature will be first available for Deutsche Telecom users.

We are also continuing our collaborations with industry organizations like GSMA and CSA to form security standards and labeling practices for connected devices, helping bring more protection and transparency for consumers. And later this year, building on GSMA’s global standard, we’re bringing a new eSIM transfer capability to Android that allows users to quickly and securely transfer their mobile plan to a new device, without having to swap a physical SIM card. Deutsche Telekom is taking the first step in using this industry standard to enable a simple and secure transfer with eSIM for the Android ecosystem.

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