Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G receives One UI 5.1: What’s new?

Samsung has already started distributing the One UI 5.1 update for their Galaxy A series smartphones, with the Galaxy A52 5G receiving the latest version in a few regions. The company has now announced that the same update is also being rolled out for Galaxy A52s 5G users. This update promises to bring new features, performance enhancements, and improvements to the user interface, providing an even better experience.

One UI 5.1 update for Galaxy A52s 5G

The Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G has been a popular smartphone among consumers, and it just got better with the latest update. The Korean giant has announced that the device is now receiving the highly anticipated One UI 5.1 update. The new features are basically the same: we have changes in the Camera and Gallery apps, with the ability to quickly change the color tone of selfies, more advanced search, improved image remastering, the ability to create a shared family album and display with a simplified layout the details of the shots, but also improvements in multitasking, modes, and routines, the new Battery and Dynamic Weather widget.

One UI 5.1 update has rolled out to these devices so far: Check your device here

The One UI 5.1 update for the Samsung Galaxy A52s 5G has started rolling out in limited regions, with South Korea being the first to receive it. The build number for this update is A528NKSS2EWB4. However, Samsung has stated that the update will soon be available in other regions in the coming days.

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