Good Lock’s NavStar and One Hand Operation+ modules get new features with latest update

Good Lock, Samsung’s popular customization app, has received a major update that brings new features to two of its most popular modules: NavStar and One Hand Operation+. These modules are designed to give users greater control over their smartphone’s navigation and one-handed use. Users can enjoy a more intuitive and personalized experience with the latest update.

Samsung NavStar v5.1.3.26 update

The latest update for NavStar also includes important bug fixes. Version resolves errors related to navigation bar sharing through “Galaxy To Share”, ensuring a smoother sharing experience. The update also addresses an issue that caused the list of apps to be hidden when applying the “Show task stack” option.

One Hand Operation+ v6.2.21 update

The latest update for One Hand Operation+ comes with version 6.2.21 and introduces several new features and fixes. One of the most notable additions is the “Tap sliders” option, which is now available under the “Quick tools” action. This new feature allows users to quickly access a set of customizable sliders for volume, brightness, and other settings. Additionally, the “Rotate right/left” feature now includes a “Full rotation” option for tablets, giving users more control over their device’s orientation.

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The update also fixes a DEX mode issue for Fold models, as well as a Quick tools Theme colour issue. Furthermore, the update includes other stability improvements that enhance the overall user experience. With these new features and fixes, One Hand Operation+ continues to offer users an easy and efficient way to interact with their smartphones using one hand.

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Both the NavStar and One Hand Operation+ updates are available through the Good Lock application, which can be downloaded from the Galaxy Store. Users can launch the Good Lock app and check for updates to NavStar and One Hand Operation+ in the “Updates” section. Alternatively, users can also search for the updates directly in the Galaxy Store.

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