US Unlocked Galaxy S20 and Note 20 users get One UI 5.1 update with new features

Samsung is currently focused on the US; the company has continuously served One UI 5.1 updates for the Galaxy devices there; this time, the Korean giant wants to complete the update session in the US as soon as possible. However, the company is still performing very slowly because of carrier restrictions, while in other parts of the world, it has almost completed the initial update. 

As per the information, the unlocked variant of Note 20 and Galaxy S20 Series devices is getting a new update. The update comes with One UI 5.1 features that add many new functionalities under various system-level apps, including Camera, Gallery, Samsung internet, and many more.

Moreover, the latest update is a minor upgrade of One UI 5.0, which extends new features; if you install the update, you will get a whole new experience on your device, especially in the camera and Gallery; there are several significant changes done under them.

Users who own Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Note 20 Ultra devices can identify the One UI 5.1 update by firmware version numbers N981U1UEU3HWB4 and N986U1UEU3HWB4 sequentially. While according to a Reddit user, the unlocked variant of Galaxy S20, Galaxy S20+ and Galaxy S20 Ultra devices also got the same update. 

Galaxy Note 20

The Galaxy Note 20 devices are the last series of Note because Samsung has discontinued it and transferred all the legacy to its S22 Ultra and will continue it with every upcoming Ultra model of the S series. The Note 20 series was introduced back in 2020 and comes with Android 10, later the device got three more Android updates, so it is currently running on Android 13, now after receiving the One UI 5.1, the device is no more eligible for any major update in the future; however, it may get some minor updates in the form of security patches.

Galaxy S20

Samsung Galaxy S20 series devices were launched in 2020; Samsung launched these devices e in the market with Android 10 preinstalled. It was the flagship device of Samsung at that time. Later the device received three more Android updates, and currently, the device is running on Android 13, but with this One UI 5.1 update, it will no longer receive any major updates in future.

These Galaxy devices have received the Samsung One UI 5.1 update so far

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  1. I have checked my phone and I don’t have any download button to hit on in the software update app. I’ve been all through this phone I’m not finding anything! I can’t find anywhere where it says to download the first; One UI 5.1. My phone is a Verizon unlocked phone, so why haven’t I received the download link or just received it, period! Would please appreciate a response, I’ve tried everything, but to no avail I didn’t get anywhere


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