Samsung adds new features in Calendar, Reminder, and Bixby app with the latest update

Being a responsible company, Samsung brings new updates for its stock apps; with every update, the company always aims to introduce new features and improvements for its original apps.

The Korean giant updates its native apps, including Calander, Remember, Bixby, and Bixby Wakeup. The new update brings various new features for each app. Let’s know about them in detail.

Samsung Calendar app update now lets you turn recommendations on or off

The new update is now available for the calendar application, with version It comes in a size of 43.71 MB and brings some new features, such as now you can easily turn on/off feature from the Calendar Labs menu, and the sticker item is now available on the countdown widget screen.

The new update of Reminder app brings the Edit Category button

Reminder app is a very application that helps you to keep different tasks for reminding; you can set different tasks in this application and accordion to them it will alert you on time as your preset. Now the application is receiving a new update with version number, and it is available in a 24.74 MB software package. The latest update comes with some new changes and improvements; the “Edit category” button is now added to “More options,” as well as a “view details” button is added, which helps to check notifications details separately on the lock screen where details are set to be hidden.

Bixby update brings enhanced security with new child account settings

The Bixby application has also received a new update which is now available on the Galaxy store, and users can verify the new update by the version number The latest update comes with some new features which improve the experience of Bixby. Now with the new update, you can create a child account within the Samsung account and sign -up for Bixby with parental consent; however, the new functionality is currently available in Korea and the US.

Bixby wakeup

Bixby wakeup is part of Samsung’s voice assistant; it is the main function that makes Bixy wake up by voice command, this app location is also got a new update, and you can recognize it by version number Samsung doesn’t mention any changes about a new update, but having 49.79 MB of software file size, it surely has some improvements and some new features.

All the mentioned apps are part of Samsung’s ecosystem, so users can easily install the new updates of all these apps through the Galaxy store. The availability of new updates may vary from device to device because all the new updates are available for One UI 5.1, so the devices that are running on a lower version may didn’t get these updates.

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