Samsung One UI 5.1 brings significant upgrades for camera and photo editing

Samsung always tries to enhance its Galaxy device’s functions so users can easily use the features and enjoy them; now, with One UI 5.1, three changes have been made to the camera and photo-editing functions; let’s discuss them.

What’s new in One UI 5.1

One UI 5.1 is a new skin upgrade that comes with several new features which are added in many system-inbuilt apps such as camera- the expert RAW app is now quickly accessible and is now available in the advanced menu, Gallery – the new shared family album is introduced, AR Zone – with the latest One UI 5.1, you can now able to take funny photos of 3 people together with the selfie camera. At the same time, the AR Doodle is now faster in performance; you can resize and move drawings even after they have been created. Widgets– Two new widgets have been introduced a Battery widget and the weather widget, and battery widget is very helpful because it indicates the battery of all the connected devices in one place, while the weather widget display information about the weather; these features are just glance of One UI 5.1, while it has come with lot more features and improvements.

One UI 5.1 upgrades camera and photo editing

Auto Night mode:

It makes the camera able to measure the amount of light around objects and automatically switch to night mode.

Photo and GIF Remaster:

With the introduction of the One UI 5.1 Gallery app, users can now experience a whole new level of photo and GIF remastering. The app has been enhanced with new features that allow users to easily remove unwanted shadows and reflections from their photos, giving them a clean and polished look


This feature is introduced for night photography; it allows the Galaxy devices’ camera’s to take enough light to capture clear images at night or in low light conditions.

AI Image Enhancer:

This is an AI-based feature that makes your photo more enhanced colors and brings automatic adjustment to contrast color and more.

Object eraser:

This is a very useful feature that allows you to remove unwanted objects from your photos; Samsung has made it so precise that the originality of the photo doesn’t affect it.

Auto Framing:

This feature helps to adjust the angle of view and allows the camera to zoom in on up to five people when recording the video.

Moreover, the above-mentioned features vary from device to device because of hardware limitations of hardware however, it is expected that devices which are come in premium to mid-range phones will get full support for all the features while the low-end devices will get fewer feature support.

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