Samsung Sound Assistant app gets Good Lock search function support

Samsung is one of the companies that believe in innovation; we can observe it by looking at the company’s recent developments. In Particular, the company has made several improvements in the software department. After introducing its latest skin, the company has mainly focused on improving the customization of devices.

The Korean giant has also introduced its new Good Lock app, which includes several modules which help to personalize different functions of the device. Samsung keeps bringing new updates from time to time for these modules.

Sound Assistant’s new update

The sound assistant is also one of the useful modules of Good Lock, and it provides several options so you can customize the sound according to your exigency. For instance, you can set the different volumes for each application. Now Samsung is bringing a new feature with the v4.4.00.5 update. 

According to the changelog, the latest update brings some new features, like now it supports Good Lock search as well as resolving the problem of the icon, which is not appearing when connecting the Bus. Moreover, the update also brings more improvements that enhance the stability of the app.

The latest update is now available on the Galaxy store with an installation size of 22.83MB. According to the information, the update is only available for those Galaxy devices which are running on Android 11 to Android 12.

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