Google Keep introduces multi-tasking capabilities for Samsung Galaxy tablets and foldables

Google Keep is a note-taking service of Google, which is available on all devices that have Android, Android L, or WearOS in them. As Samsung’s Galaxy devices are booted with Android and WearOS, they also have Google Keep service in them. Google gave a dual-panel redesign to its Google Keep app a few days ago, which has brought a new Keep Note arrangement to devices with a larger screen, such as Galaxy Tablets and Galaxy Fold devices. 

Informatively, with the help of this new redesign, you can open side-by-side notes in your Galaxy Tablet and Galaxy Z Fold device. To open a new note window, all you need to do is long-press on a note from the main feed, and then the overflow menu will show the “Open in new window” option on the actions bar. After touching it, a new note window will be opened on half-screen, and you can interact with both windows simultaneously.

It will be really helpful if one is able to work on two different things at the same time, as they don’t need to perform too many operations to jump onto two different note windows frequently. Not only with the Google Keep app but the dual-panel redesign has been given to the other apps such as Google Sheets and Slides as well. Google Keep’s multi-instance support for the notes will be rolled out over the coming few weeks. 

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Thanks to “9to5Google”