T-Mobile rolled out One UI 5.1 for Galaxy Tab S8+ in the US

Samsung Galaxy Tab S8 series has three models, including Galaxy Tab S8, Galaxy Tab S8+, and Galaxy Tab S8 Ultra. But it is worth noticing that there is only one model of the series, i.e., Galaxy Tab S8 +, which is only affiliated with network carriers in the US. The One UI 5.1 is now available for only limited to one model bound to the T-Mobile network.

T-Mobile has now released the One UI 5.1 update for the Galaxy Tab S8+, which the firmware version number X808USQU2BWC1 can identify. The latest update also includes a month older security patch in the form of February 2023. Notably, the update is already available on the Verizon network, as well as outside the US in other countries, including Europe and South Korea.

One UI 5.1 brings many new features

The One UI 5.1 is the latest major update that is available for any Galaxy device, and the update includes several new features and changes that are available in various system-level apps, including cameras, Gallery, modes and routines, weather, etc. For a quick tour of all features, visit our previous article.

Meanwhile, the update also comes with a new security patch update. It brings several new fixes that enhance the overall security of the device, as well as it aims to refresh the device’s functionalities by resolving the issues which are reported in the previous updates.

The Galaxy Tab S8 is the latest flagship series of Samsung in the tablet segment. It was launched in 2022. Being launched last year, it came with Android 12, and later it received Android 13. As the device came into the market after the revised policy of Samsung, it is eligible for four Android updates and a five-year security update; therefore, users will enjoy the new updates up to 2027.

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