Samsung’s new noise-reducing app will help people with autism

Autism, or we can say Autism spectrum disorder, basically impacts one’s nervous system and affects the overall cognitive, emotional, social, and physical health of the affected individual. Recently, the South Korean firm Samsung has developed an app to help those dealing with autism. The Korean company has created this application in partnership with Cheil Worldwide Spain. Let’s know more about this application.

Informatively, people who are dealing with Austin become anxious due to their auditory sensitivity whenever they hear unpleasant and noisy sounds such as roadworks. In that manner, Samsung has developed this new AI-powered application that will work with the company’s earbuds and reduce the voice of fear-triggering sounds. This application has been named Unfear, which surely is a suitable name for it.

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This app, “Unfear”, can be used as an alternative to noise-cancellation headphones. However, it is different from headphones, as it reduces the voice of unpleasant sounds, while headphones completely eliminate every external sound. About the app, you can control voices by choosing the “calm mode” wherever you are in stressful moments. The app also has an SOS option for calling their emergy number to get help if needed.

Let us tell you the application is a part of Samsung’s initiative- Technology With Purpose, and is endorsed by the Spanish Society of Psychiatry and Mental Health. The application was launched by the company on World Autism Acceptance Week (March 27 to April 2) and is currently available in two languages- English and Spanish. It is expected that this app will be rolled out globally during this year, 2023.

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Alfonso Fernandez Iglesias, chief marketing officer and e-commerce director at Samsung Electronic, stated-

“We want to raise awareness about autism, the daily challenges of those who live with [autism spectrum disorder], and, finally, a technological solution that can change their day-to-day life for the better.” He said, “The Unfear project is the result of synergies and commitment between all the actors involved.”

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