Samsung Vision Booster: What is it, How to enable, and eligible Galaxy devices

The Display and its quality are the most crucial things for any smartphone device. That’s for all reasons; manufacturers use top-quality Displays in their products. However, besides the Display, Samsung came up with another way to improve the device’s Display quality, which in particular is a software-based solution- Vision Booster. Let’s know what Vision Booster is, How you can enable it, and which devices are eligible for it. 

Vision Booster: What is it and How it Works

Informatively, the South Korean tech firm introduced Vision Booster with the Galaxy S22 series. It helps to improve display visibility and color reproduction of the smartphone under high brightness conditions. It particularly uses some software to make the device’s Display quality improved. Usually, users increase the device’s brightness, but it won’t make that much of an improvement. In that case, Vision Booster will be beneficial.

Let us tell you the Vision Booster feature when enabled, analyzes the device’s histogram data and finds out what is being displayed on the screen along with each individual pixel’s value. With that knowledge, it makes adjustments according to a particular area’s brightness or darkness. For example, it sets a different tone, mapping darker areas to make them brighter. It also maximizes the contrast ratio to make the colors look lively.

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Vision Booster: Eligible Devices

As per the information, Galaxy devices with an OLED panel in them are eligible for the Vision Booster feature. Besides it, there is one more requirement; the device should have at least 1000 nits of peak brightness capacity. Devices that match these requirements and are eligible for the Vision Booster feature are listed below. 

  • Galaxy S23 series (Galaxy S23, S23+, and S23 Ultra)
  • Galaxy S22 series (Galaxy S22, S22+, and S22 Ultra)
  • Galaxy A34 5G
  • Galaxy A54 5G

Vision Booster: How to Activate

The Vision Booster feature, in particular, didn’t need to be enabled; instead, the feature automatically gets activated when the “Adaptive Brightness” turns on. Specifically, the feature responds wherever the device detects high ambient light generated due to the Adaptive Brightness feature. Notably, to enable Adaptive brightness, one should follow the below-listed steps. 

  • Open the Settings app. 
  • Choose the Display section. 
  • Now turn on the Adaptive Brightness toggle. 

Besides this procedure, one can also enable Adaptive brightness by dragging down from the top of the screen twice. It will show you the brightness slider. Now, top on the three-dot option located on the right of the slider. You can see the Adoptive Brightness toggle; turn it on. As for the Vision Booster feature, we can not enable or disable it of our own free will; it only responds to the Adaptive Brightness feature. 

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