The future Exynos 2500 SoC to have an optimized Samsung Mobile GPU

The South Korean tech conglomerate Samsung has an enormous lineup of Exynos processors, which includes smartphones, tablets, smartwatches, and vehicles as well. A few days ago, Samsung announced that it is planning to bring its first mobile Graphics Processing Unit (GPU), which will be based on AMD’s architectures. It seems that this new GPU will be used in Samsung’s upcoming Exynos 2500 chipset. Let’s know more. 

Let us tell you, until now, the Korean firm has used Adreno’s Mali GPUs in their Exynos mobile chips. However, after looking at the huge disappointment of the Exynos 2200 SoC, which used AMD’s RDNA2 architecture-based Xclipse 920 in it, the Korean firm has decided to form its own mobile GPU. The American multinational AMD will help Samsung to make it possible by providing the base of its IP. 

As per the popular leak star Revegnus, Samsung may use this new customized and indigenous mobile GPU in its future Exynos 2500 processor. The tipster said this new chipset would be a high-performance optimized processor for Galaxy phones. Notably, the optimized GPU will take years to form, and that’s all reason why it is assumed to be used in a future chipset (that will take time to be launched) but not the next one. 

Informatively, Samsung Semiconductors is currently behind TSMC in the foundry race because of their not-so-good chip manufacturing process. In that case, this upcoming chipset will surely help Samsung rise, as it will be a pack of novelties and advancements, including the use of customized and indigenous GPU and improved power efficiency. It will most probably be manufactured with the second-generation 3nm GAA process. 

Apart from this, as the chipset will have a highly-optimized GPU, its graphical experience will be on a different level than the others. The chipset will also offer a better ray tracing performance. Overall, the chipset will be a worthy-to-admire processor, and the GPU will make it even more praise-worthy. However, there is no other info regarding either the GPU or the chipset. If we find anything, we will notify you through our future blogs.

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