Samsung’s Patent Claims against BOE Trigger Investigation by US ITC

The South Korean company Samsung Display has recently filed an OLED panel patent infringement lawsuit against the US component makers over the use of cheap Chinese products. The issue is that the US smartphone repair market is using cheaper Chinese panels for smartphone repairing instead of using the OLED panels created with Samsung Display’s core patented technology. Now, US ITC is responding to this case.

Let us tell you, because of this lawsuit, the Chinese display manufacturer BOE is gaining a lot of popularity. As per the source, the US International Trade Commission, or we can say ITC, will investigate the Chinese manufacturer in regard to Samsung Display’s patent infringement. Informatively, BOE is being investigated in that manner because Chinese manufacturers like them secretly sell cheap and low-quality Display panels in the US.

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For information, the US repair shops use these cheaper panels in premium devices such as iPhones and top-notch Galaxy phones due to their lower costs. Notably, in the US, smartphone panel repair costs are very high, and an aftermarket (secondary market) represents the repair industry. The main issue is there is no data regarding the repair parts supplied to the repair shops that are imported from China.

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Due to the aforementioned issues, US ITC has decided to investigate the popular Chinese Display manufacturer BOE. An industry insider has stated in this regard, “This Samsung Display lawsuit can be seen as a warning to Chinese companies such as BOE. It aims to protect Samsung Display’s core technologies and enable the Korean display giant to secure and increase future competitiveness.”

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