Samsung display steps up to fill BOE’s void in iPhone 15 OLED production

The South Korean firm Samsung’s Displays are popular worldwide and are adopted by many famous manufacturers out there. Let us tell you Samsung Display will fulfill Apple’s Display demands for its upcoming iPhone 15 devices. Now a report has come to the fore that the South Korean firm is now ready to start the production of these OLED panels for iPhone 15 devices. Let’s take a look at this complete report. 

Informatively, the American multinational will launch its iPhone 15 series this year. The company will use Samsung-manufactured Displays in some of its iPhone 15 devices. However, Samsung won’t fulfill the Display demand alone; instead, the American company will also get Displays from other manufacturers such as BOE. As for Samsung, they will start the production of these OLED panels in May 2023. 

Let us tell you the production is being started earlier than initially decided time because of the issues that appeared with BOE’s Display production. In specific, those Display panels (LTPO TFT OLED) are for standard iPhone 15 devices, which will be similar to those used in the standard iPhone 14 models. For the higher iPhone 15 models, the LTPO TFT OLED panels will be provided by LG Displays. 

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In BOE’s Display production, the Display is showing light leak problems around the hole present in it. Thankfully, they are showing progress in solving this issue, and it will soon be resolved completely. Samsung Display is not taking over BOE but is only starting the production process a little earlier. It is currently unknown how many units Samsung is supplying to Apple, but it will surely benefit Samsung Display’s revenue. 

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