Samsung to fix 30x zoom camera crashes issue with April 2023 update

A device’s camera justifies its advancement more than any other component. As for Samsung, their Galaxy S series contains the most advanced image sensors in them. However, many times just a few days after the device’s launch or after getting a major software update, the device’s camera starts to misbehave. Recently, the same happened to some Galaxy S devices, whose cameras started to show crash issues lately. 

As per the information, many Galaxy S smartphone users have started to complain that their device’s camera is showing too many crash issues whenever they open it. In response, Samsung’s internal team went into action to know the cause and found that the issue was caused because of the difference between the action points, which occurs whenever they switch between camera lenses, as the Galaxy S series has four sensors. 

In specific, the camera crash issue appears when a user switches camera lenses for better zooming, maybe while switching to 30x zooming only. As per the information, this issue started appearing after the One UI 5.1 update. Let us tell you Samsung’s Galaxy S22Galaxy S21, and Galaxy S20 series devices have been affected by this issue, but the company hasn’t provided a patch to any of them that can cure this camera crash issue. 

However, there is no need to worry anymore, as Samsung has recently said that they will soon provide a patch to resolve this issue. Informatively, the issue will be solved with April 2023 software update. As for the recently launched Galaxy S23 flagship, this update will bring camera optimizations for HDR, exposure, and Night mode-related issues.

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