Galaxy S22 and S21 have heating, battery drain, and low power efficiency issues

Samsung’s most popular S series devices always brought top-notch features with high-end hardware specs, that’s why the customers are so much excited to buy them, these devices target a premium range of prices, which also creates high-quality performance expectations to the users, but due to some factors, the company is unable to fulfill that area.

Galaxy S22 and Galaxy S21 users facing several issues

March 25: A user posted on reddit “I’ve been having this problem with my galaxy s22 Plus since about August 2022 where it overheats considerably. I think it started right before oneui 4.5 was released. The back, sides and screen get really hot when I’m using it, even for simple browsing.”

March 25: In addition to the general battery draining and low power efficiency issues faced by some Galaxy S22 users after upgrading to the One UI 5.1 software, there have also been reports of specific battery concerns among the Galaxy S22 series. One such report came from a Verizon S22 Plus user who complained about “performance issues, battery drain, and overheating” after the last update. These issues can be a cause for concern as they may affect the device’s overall performance and cause inconvenience to the user. Therefore, it is essential to address these issues promptly and find solutions to ensure the smooth functioning of the device.

March 20: Another Galaxy S22 user, who switched from an iPhone a few months ago, has reported a concerning battery life issue. This user has the Exynos variant of the Galaxy S22 and is experiencing only 4 hours of screen on time, which is significantly lower than what is expected from a flagship smartphone

March 5: Another Galaxy S series model that has been facing battery concerns is the S21 Plus. One user has reported that despite using the phone with a 120Hz refresh rate, maximum 50% brightness, extra dim, and location and mobile data turned off, his phone’s 85% battery is offering just 4 hours of screen time. This is normal usage, but the phone is giving less battery life than expected. This issue is particularly concerning as the battery life is a crucial aspect of any smartphone, and users expect their devices to last throughout the day without requiring frequent recharging. It is, therefore, imperative to investigate the issue and find ways to improve battery life on the Galaxy S21 Plus.

February 27: Despite the much-awaited One UI 5.1 software upgrade, some Galaxy S22 smartphone users are still experiencing battery draining and low power efficiency issues. The problem seems to persist even when the screen is not in use, and the phone’s battery is getting consumed more quickly than before. Despite the many features and improvements that come with the One UI 5.1 upgrade, this issue has been a significant setback for users who rely heavily on their Galaxy S22 for day-to-day activities.

February 10: It is unfortunate to hear that two more Galaxy S22 users are reporting battery drain and overheating issues. A user mentioned that their Galaxy S22 heats up during general usage while using some social media apps, and the device is also delivering poor battery efficiency. This could indicate that there may be a problem with the device’s cooling system, or it could be related to some power-intensive apps running in the background. Another user reported that their S22’s battery drained by 13% without any usage in the meantime, suggesting that there may be a software issue that is causing the battery to drain faster than usual. The user also suspects that the Always On Display feature could be contributing to the battery drain, which is a possibility as this feature can consume a significant amount of power.

January 29: Several Samsung Galaxy owners are facing some issues regarding the battery performance of their devices, including Galaxy S21 and S22 series devices, some users, they are facing battery draining and heating issues since the beginning. Various users are reporting the issues on Reddit.

There are multiple users who claim that their devices are heating up during normal usage; for example, a user on Reddit says that he is only using the social media application, and the phone gets discharged very fast and heats up with normal usage.

January 24: However, this issue is commonly addressed on the Exynos variants devices, including Galaxy S21 and Galaxy S22 series. The Qualcomm-powered device users haven’t reported such an issue yet. Due to these issues, Samsung is also planning to ditch its self-made SoC from Galaxy S Lineup and is all set to introduce its Galaxy S23 device, which will be powered by the Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 chipset with a higher clock speed.

January 20: There are thousands of users complaining about the battery drain and overheating issues of both of the smartphones, but Samsung hasn’t given any response to this; the company hasn’t delivered any fix yet. But as a responsible company, we expect Samsung to take some hard steps and resolve the users’ problems after they have bought the product by believing in the Samsung brand.

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  1. Worry not. Nowadays many Android phones are getting better. If Samsung unable to solve over gearing issue, just change brand. Just remember to use android apps more and not relying on Samsung app is fine by me.


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