One UI 6.0 will enhance the security of Galaxy devices

Nowadays, every person has started giving priority to his security. In this digital era, it is very important to make sure that you are using the internet safely on a device and also ensure that the device you are using is working on the latest security patch because there are many attackers present around the world and are wanting to gain access of your private information so they can do illegal things hiding under your identity. However, to save the user’s information from these types of attacks, companies are now following a more strict approach and giving several safety features with the latest updates. The same is happening with the Galaxy devices with the One UI 6.0 update; let’s discuss this more.

Samsung One UI provides several security-related features

Samsung is one of those companies that provides several new features under their UI update. Basically, with every new generation of One UI, the Korean giant always added some security-related features which are exclusively available for Galaxy devices. For instance, in the One UI 5.0 update Samsung has introduced some new features related to the security of the device, such as a new security dashboard that shows the status of any security issues and helps to fix them. Now if you are sharing any photos that contain any sensitive information, such as credit cards, ID cards, or passports, it will ask you again if you really want to share this with another person. 

There is no doubt that Samsung is actively working on enhancing the user’s experience, so how the company will compromise in the security orbit, this time it will get all the security features of Android 14 and may also introduce some more safety features that will be exclusively available for Galaxy devices. Now talk about the changes that will surely come with One UI 6.0.

More options to permit Gallery access for apps

It is confirmed that with the One UI 6.0, users will have three new options, which will be available when any app asks to access Gallery. The new dialogue box will contain these three options 

  1. Allow access to all photos: If you tap on this option, you will give full access to the app.
  2. Select photos: with this option, you will be able to grant access to selective photos and videos.
  3. Don’t Allow: This option allows you to deny access to photos and videos. 

Side loading of apps will be restricted

With the latest One UI 6.0, which will be based on Android 14, sideloading of the apps will be restricted. You will no longer be able to install the apps which target an SDK version lower than 23 which were introduced with Android 6. It also indicates that your device will not be able to run the applications which are made for Android 6 or lower. It is assumed that the application having a lower SDK version than 23 is an easy target of malware.

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