Samsung free visual support service helps customers remotely

The true appreciation for any manufacturer is if they are able to make their customers’ lifestyles easy, and Samsung has never been behind in this league. The company has recently highlighted its visual support services, which are free of cost. Notably, in these visual support services, the company’s technical consultants will guide and advise the customers to assess the condition of TV, washers, and refrigerators at home.

Informatively, to examine their devices, including televisions, washers, and refrigerators, to find out whether they are working okay or not, customers need to visit nearby stores. However, with Samsung’s visual support services, things will be easier and handier. You can get the benefit of these services through the Korean firm’s call center. There is only one requirement of these visual support services, an uninterrupted Wi-Fi network.

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However, you don’t need to be afraid about your privacy and security. As per Samsung, all the services will be done with the customer’s authorization. The good part is the company’s technical consultants will not have access to real-time images from your smartphone or tablet’s camera. Now let’s know how you can get the benefit of the South Korean firm’s these visual support services. The procedure is mentioned below.

If you want to request the service, just call Samsung’s call center and have an active Wi-Fi network. Afterward, you will get a link through an SMS message on your smartphone or tablet device. It will ask for access to your device’s camera, and then the professional will start the service. They will examine the product and will guide you if it is repaired at home; if yes, the consultant will guide you through the steps.

The service sure will save too much time for the customer, which they spend on going to the repair store. It will be helpful and time-saving if one can repair the device at home without going out. The service is undoubtedly extremely helpful.

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