Samsung updates the keyboard and fixes battery consumption issue [Solution]

Just after updating the device with the latest One UI 5.1, many Galaxy devices started to show excessive consumption issues. Now the issue itself does not sound like a big deal, but even on a temporary basis, it reduces the device’sdevice’s battery life, and the fast-draining battery surely annoys the users. Thankfully, Samsung found a solution to this issue which specifically is an app update. Let’s know how this will be helpful. 

Informatively, after users’ complaints, the Korean firm has taken a look at the issue and found out that the increased battery usage issue is being caused by the new version of the Samsung Keyboard application. To cure the issue, Samsung rolled out a new update, version, for this problem-causing Samsung Keyboard application. The update is already started to distribute and will soon reach the rest of Galaxy devices as well. 

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If you are unaware of whether your device has received this update yet or not, you can check it through the below listed simple steps. 

  • First, go to “Settings.” 
  • Then, choose the “Applications” option.
  • Now go to “Samsung Keyboard.” 
  • Scroll to the bottom. 
  • Now, check whether you are running the latest version of the app or not. 
  • If not, go to the “Galaxy Store.” 
  • Now, select the “Menu” option. 
  • Go to “Updates.” 
  • Find the Samsung Keyboard application and update it with the latest version. 

Besides the above-mentioned procedure, you can also update the Samsung Keyboard application through these steps- Samsung Keyboard > Settings > About Samsung Keyboard > Tap Update button. 

In case you have not yet updated the application to the latest version and you have some problems with consumption, you can solve it by going to the Galaxy Store: just hold down on the icon and select “Update applications” or open the app and select “Menu > Updates“.

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