How to turn off Samsung Keyboard auto correction on Galaxy S24 Ultra

The Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra is packed with several new features that aim to provide innovative approaches to communication. The device comes with preloaded One UI 6.1 software, which has brought many new AI-powered application features that will level up the experience. However, with these new features, some applications, like the Samsung keyboard, also have some useful features like predictive text, but for some people, it could be annoying. Let’s know how you can turn it off.

Samsung keyboard’s predictive Text on Galaxy S24 Ultra: how to turn it off

Samsung Keyboard’s predictive text feature helps users predict the text before typing the full word. People who text in the native English language may not have any problems while using it, but on the other side, people who use English letters to text in their language get annoying, irrelevant predictions.

So if you want to get rid of this, you can simply follow these simple steps: Open the Samsung keyboard by tapping on any text bar, tapping on the settings icon, and then turning off the predictive text option. However, it will also deactivate other services like emoji suggestions and text corrections.

If you want to precisely turn off the automatic suggestion, then you just have to go to the Auto Replace menu in the keyboard settings and turn it off, and then you can freely type in your own way.

How do you use predictive text smartly?

If you want to use the predictive text, then you have to set it as per your requirements. If you type in multiple languages, then you have to install the language package from the keyboard settings, then go to the auto-replace option and turn on the toggle of that language that you use frequently. Once finished, it will work more smartly, and you will take full advantage of this feature.

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