How To Open Line Samsung Phone To Any Carrier?

Samsung has always set the stage on fire by introducing some interesting and advanced technologies to all its Galaxy devices, which significantly helps in opening up the best possible ways of using technology. At the same time, an open-line (carrier-unlocked) Samsung smartphone seamlessly allows you to switch to other carriers whenever you wish to. In case you have a carrier-locked Samsung device and are wondering how to get it unlocked, That’s pretty simple; just keeping that in mind, read on to learn how you can open-line your Samsung smartphone to any carrier.

Basically, an open line Samsung device (the device that’s free to switch to any mobile carrier) allows you to have more control over your device and is free to switch carriers whenever you wish to. In contrast, an unlocked Samsung device can offer a number of advantages, from the freedom to switch to your preferred mobile carrier to saving on some additional roaming charges.

Meanwhile, most smartphone brands sell their smartphones carrier-locked in some countries, like the US, which means that their smartphones are going to use a certain carrier for a fixed duration. On the flip side, carrier-locked smartphones offer a number of interesting deals, including a lower price tag as compared to the open-line ones (unlocked), the ability to exchange your carrier-locked device with a new one with some exciting deals, and more.

Besides that, there could be several reasons for you to switch to an open-line Samsung smartphone. Whether you are not satisfied with the current locked carrier or you just wish to give other carriers a try, here are some procedures that you can follow to unlock your Samsung device.

Open Line Samsung Phone: Eligibility Criteria

Furthermore, before heading towards the steps, ensure that your Samsung smartphone is eligible for an unlock. This include:

  • You must have paid all the installments on your phone.
  • Make sure that your phone has passed the carrier lock policy. Since mobile carriers lock smartphones for a fixed amount of time, For example, T-Mobile has a 365-day carrier lock policy, and after that, your smartphone is eligible for an unlock.

How to open line Samsung device to any carrier?

Through your current carrier:

Once your Samsung device has met all the above-mentioned eligibility criteria, you can contact your carrier to request an unlock process.

  • On your Samsung’s dialer, dial *#06# to get your IMEI number.
  • Note this IMEI number, as you will need it later.
  • Contact your carrier in order to get your carrier unlock code. You can get it through phone, email, or SMS; it depends on your convenience.
  • Give your phone’s IMEI number, your device’s eligibility details, and other identification information they will ask for.
  • Once all your information is verified by the carrier, you are now capable of using your preferred carrier.
  • Now, since your Samsung device is open-line (unlocked), you can remove the old carrier-locked SIM card and apply for a new one with your preferred carrier.

Through third-party services:

Alternatively, you can also prefer using a third-party service in order to open line your Samsung device. These third-party services are especially designed to bypass your current carrier restrictions and limitations and help unlock your device. There are several third-party services available online, including Android SIM Unlock. At the same time, it’s highly recommended that you choose reliable software for the carrier unlocking process.

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