Android Auto Beta Program Lets you try the latest features before its public release, here’s how to sign up

Google constantly provides several interesting updates to Android Auto in order to provide a much more intuitive experience to the users, and in the same sequence, the intelligent car operating system has recently received the Android Auto 11.0 update. Joining the Android Auto Beta update allows you to experience the latest upcoming features ahead of their public release.

Android Auto Beta Program

In the meantime, Android Auto is an intelligent service offered by Google in order to make your driving experience much safer and more convenient. It allows you to seamlessly connect your smartphone to the car’s dashboard through a wired or wireless connection. Android Auto seamlessly mirrors your Android smartphone to your car’s dashboard, allowing you to perform several operations without touching your phone, which helps you concentrate on the road while driving.

In contrast, with the Android Auto beta program, users can seamlessly experience all the new and latest features ahead of the public launch. At the same time, the Android Auto Beta program also lets developers make some significant changes within the app.

How do I Join Android Auto Beta Program?

By following the simple steps mentioned below, you can easily sign up for the Android Auto Beta program:

  • In order to become an Android Auto Beta tester, first open the Android Auto Beta program web page in your browser.
  • Choose the Become a tester option.
  • Now go to Google Play and then update your Android Auto app to the beta version (or join the beta version).

Do note that you can leave the Android Auto Beta program whenever you wish to. In addition, Google always tells all the beta testers that they should not reveal any new features until and unless they are available to everyone.

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