Android Auto users can now fix issues with Android 14, here’s the solution

For a long time, Android Auto users have been facing some issues after installing Android 14 on their smartphones, and Google didn’t respond to anything about this issue officially due to this. Users have tried their own classical ways to get rid of this problem, and fortunately, some users have been successful in fixing it. But before exploring the solution, let’s discuss the issue.

Android Auto issue Android 14: Here the solution

Android auto users are getting some issues related to enabling USB debugging on the smartphone while connecting to the vehicle’s infotainment system. Along with this, some users have also reported that voice guidance is also not working. However, here we learn about solutions that can eradicate the problem of USB debugging.

According to some users, they have cracked the solution by following some simple steps. Before connecting your device with a cable, it is necessary to enable USB debugging on the smartphone. After that, you can connect your phone to the head unit and Android Auto, and it should start working fine.

Additionally, some users are saying that you also need to restart your smartphone and then connect to the head unit for the first time, but by doing that, you will get a proper fix, so the next time Android 14 is loaded, you should see Android Auto activate automatically on the screen.

However, by following these steps, you will only get the solution to the USB debugging issue, while other problems like voice recognition failure and those related to Spotify are still there. We hope that Google will soon take some significant steps to bring the solution to these problems.

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