Samsung introduces AI-based ‘food ecosystem’ at ‘CES 2024’

Samsung has showcased different technologies based on a smart home in the past years. Now it is focusing on bringing new advancements for the kitchen, to bring a whole new experience to the kitchen with its all-new technology. It is basically about to introduce some new innovative products that will help and provide convenience to users.

In the upcoming exhibition, we will see three new seamless experiences of connectivity between three new products, including Family Hub Plus Refrigerator, AnyPlace Induction, and ‘Samsung Food Services.

Going into detail, Samsung will introduce the latest model of its most innovative refrigerator, named the Bespoke Refrigerator Family Hub. It is worth noticing that the predecessor model has already won multiple CES innovation awards since 2016. With the latest model, the company has taken the product to the next level with AI integration.

According to the information, a new feature has been introduced in the product named ‘AI Vision Inside’. It brings a new capability to the refrigerator to show a list of stored foods automatically by capturing photos when the ingredients are kept or taken outside the refrigerator with the camera inside the refrigerator.

Informatively, Samsung has trained the AI technology to store 1 million photos, which will help it analyze the 33 types of fresh food and reflect them automatically in the food list. Along with this, the user can also do some customizations, like setting the storage expiration date, so it will be notified on the display when the date is coming.

For a better experience, the refrigerator is equipped with a 32-inch full HD screen on the right door of the refrigerator, which can be used for entertainment as well as supporting multiple applications like YouTube and TikTok. To set it up, just tap your mobile phone on the side of the screen and enjoy the videos. However, this functionality will be implemented in the first quarter of 2024.

While we talk about Induction Anywhere, it will also be unveiled in the upcoming CES. It will be equipped with a 7-inch wide-touch LCD for a great experience. You will easily make the connection between the Samsung food app and your mobile to induction so you can cook according to the guide provided on the LCD panel. To make cooking more convenient, it has used a new technology with the use of a shaped coil for induction, so there will be less space between cooking pots compared to a round coil. Due to this, consumers can use a variety of pots.