One UI 6.1’s Generative AI Models Transforming Samsung Keyboard

While users are still waiting for the One UI 6.0 update, Samsung has set its sights on One UI 6.1. The impending One UI 6.1 upgrade appears to be larger than initially stated. We already discussed the next update’s various AI-focused features, and now we have further details on what all Galaxy users will be able to enjoy.

Earlier, we saw features such as wallpaper generators, adaptive battery protection, and lock screen portraits. The Samsung Keyboard app is still the best one for Android smartphones, but a fresh leak indicates that One UI 6.1 will have some generative AI features for it.

The Samsung Remote Lab, which enables developers to test the most recent version, has just uncovered this capability. The video below shows you how the phones will offer a variety of LLMs for you to select from. With the Samsung Keyboard, One UI 6.1 will provide generative AI. Vedant Kalore (@VedantKalore) shared a short video that shows you what the new Generative AI option on the Samsung Keyboard will look like. Four sets of models are available to select from.

  • Google’s PaLM 2
  • OpenAI’s GPT4
  • Google’s Gecko, a variant of PaLM 2,
  • Samsung’s Scs, maybe

We are not yet sure how the Generative AI feature will transform the Samsung Keyboard. Enhancements regarding text formats, such as text summarization, language translation, and grammatical enhancement, are available on Samsung tablets and phones.

What’s more is expected to come with One UI 6.1?

Galaxy users will be able to move items around with a straightforward drag-and-drop motion in One UI 6.1’s stock picture editor. Additionally, you have the option to pick an object or topic from one photograph and move it to another. Moreover, users of Samsung Notes in One UI 6.1 may be able to condense lengthy notes by converting them into readable bullet points. After converting handwritten notes to text, you will also be able to auto-format them.