One UI 6.1 Features Leaked: Massive Update Focuses on Generative AI

The Galaxy S24 is the next big thing that is revolving around the tech world, which is just a month away for release. The Galaxy S24 series will be the first to feature the One UI 6.1 Android update. The update will slowly reach out to other Galaxy mobiles. On top of Android 14, Samsung’s upcoming major Android upgrade, One UI 6.1, will offer new features, with a noticeable emphasis on artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities.

One UI 6.1 Features Leaked Ahead Of Officially Announcement

Samsung is reportedly utilizing Google’s generative AI wallpapers, which were first shown on the Pixel 8 and Pixel 8 Pro, with the exception of Galaxy phones, according to recently leaked photos. A few days ago, it was reported that there would be new wallpaper services and additional battery protection with the One UI 6.1. As tipped by BenIt Bruhner Pro on the X platform, two prominent features are coming to the Galaxy smartphones through One UI 6.1.

  • Generic wallpaper: Samsung uses two cues for foreground and background items to provide a distinct personal touch, unlike their preset wallpapers, which are based on the device.
  • Lock screen transition with weather: The graphics on the lock screen and standby screen will have the ability to apply weather effects through a secondary feature.

Simply drag and drop:

You may drag and drop specific items within the image or into another image using the photo editing program with One UI 6.1. If you rotate or reposition your image, the generative image processing will fill in the spaces left by this manipulation and produce new features around the border.

Other features coming with OneUI 6.1:

  • Protection for battery, where the phone charges to 80% in the Adapt mode and then passes until it’s time for you to wake up; in the Basic mode, the charging stops at 100% and restarts at 95%. Meanwhile, in the Maximum Protection features, the battery will be charged only until 80%.
  • Voice call translation for limited languages that will be supported by Samsung Gauss
  • Big and tough essays in Samsung Notes can now be easily turned into bulletin paragraphs.
  • Also, once handwritten notes are converted to text, they may also be automatically formatted.

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