Samsung started testing the One UI 6.1 for the Galaxy S23 series

Samsung is swiftly rolling out the One UI 6 update for its eligible devices, and with the major update, it is also handling the security updates for the devices. It is worth appreciating that the company has distributed the One UI 6 update to almost every popular device in less than three months, and now, moving forward, the company has started testing the One UI 6.1 firmware.

One UI 6.1 firmware was spotted on Samsung servers

As usual, Samsung always tests its firmware before releasing the actual stable update, so the new firmware that is spotted on servers also indicates the same thing. The latest firmware is S918NKSU2ZWX2. It looks like the test firmware for the Galaxy S23 series, and the chances that it will not be one of the security update firmwares are very low because early next month, the company could unveil its latest flagship devices, i.e., the Galaxy S24 series.

What could you expect from the One UI 6.1 update?

If we observe the last couple of years of X.1 updates, we can easily say that the company always expands the features of the major One UI update with the upgraded version. It unlocks the full potential of the One UI with some advanced changes. For instance, the One UI 5.1 company has rolled out some new features and changes in several functions, including the camera, gallery, modes and routines of Samsung Internet, and many more. So we can surely say that this time, with One UI 6.1, there will be some more significant changes for the devices.

Additionally, according to some reports, the One UI 6.1 will bring some new features and changes under the Good Lock and will make some new changes in its modules like ClockFace and LockStar. It will also give you the ability to convert your device into a webcam. Along with this, there is a possibility that it will introduce some AI-related capabilities based on more significant features, but to get the proper information, we have to wait.

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