Galaxy S24 Leak Shows Emergency Satellite Texting Capability

One of the most talked-about features of the Galaxy S24 series is the emergency messaging via satellite capability. This feature already exists on the recent iPhone, and we can make use of satellite connectivity to make calls in emergency situations. Right from the start, it was rumored that all of the Galaxy S24 series would receive this feature, but now, with a new leak, this isn’t a rumor; it seems almost confirmed. A screenshot that contains the feature enabled is surfacing online. Samsung itself explains the feature in this shared screenshot.

Emergency texts via satellite seem to be the name of this service (via-SamMobile). As per Samsung, if you call emergency services while out of service or not linked to a mobile network, the company will connect you via a satellite network so that you may text someone in an emergency to cope with your situation. Exynos and Snapdragon-powered Galaxy S24 devices are probably going to have this capability accessible. As we all know, the Galaxy S24 and Galaxy S24+ will have two variants, one powered by Exynos and the other by Snapdragon.

People who have or have seen the recent iPhone series, like the iPhone 14 and 15, may have a good idea about this feature. How does the South Korean giant bring up this feature? The firm has created the 5G NTN technology, which allows for satellite communication in both directions. Compatible with the entire Galaxy S24, Galaxy S24+, and Galaxy S24 Ultra, as it satisfies the 3GPP (Release 17) specifications. Users often bring up these features as a way to overcome difficult situations when mobile networks are not available.

How does the feature work?

For users who have no knowledge of this feature, to help emergency response workers look at you and assist, you may SMS them your GPS position. In situations where a cellular network is unavailable for calling emergency response services, family, or friends, this feature will prove useful. In times of natural calamities like floods, cyclones, and other natural disasters, this feature will help you contact others to assist you.