Samsung launches Health Stack 1.0: New innovation in the healthcare

The South Korean firm Samsung always takes necessary steps in the field of health and the environment. Recently, Samsung has announced “Samsung Health Stack 1.0”, a breakthrough in digital health research. The company made this announcement at the annual conference and exhibition of the Health Information and Management System Society (HIMSS). Let’s learn more about Samsung’s new initiative.

Informatively, the HIMSS-hosted event was held from April 17 to 21 in Chicago. This year, more than 30,000 people from 1000+ global companies (including Samsung) participated in this event. Now, let’s move our focus to Samsung’s new “Samsung Health Stack 1.0”. Notably, Samsung Health Stack is an all-in-one open-source project that lets researchers easily build apps for digital health research and development. 

Let us tell you, the Samsung Health Stack includes App SDK, web portal, and backend servers, which helps to make the system construction easy and also allows researchers to focus on their research. About the SDK in particular, it is beneficial to create apps that will be able to support frequent communication between researchers and participants. It will also increase the results of the research and leads to better research outcomes. 

Basically, it is a solution to create a system with which we can perform health research through Android and WearOS Operating Systems. However, Samsung Health Stack is still in Beta; we should wait till June 2023 to get its official 1.0 version. If you want to experience those mobile apps and R&D tools, you just have to use Samsung Health Stack, which is available at the Samsung Electronics exhibition booth. 

Informatively, the Korean firm unveiled an alpha version of Samsung Health Stack last year at the 2022 SDC. Now, in March 2023, they launched a Beta version, and the improved 1.0 version is scheduled to arrive in June 2023, which will improve research introduction, participant onboarding, wearable data collection, and basic survey functions. It sure will help healthcare company that uses wearable devices for research.

Let us tell you everybody can take advantage of the Samsung Health Stack and the SDK or Software Development Kit. Not only that but developers can also customize them as per their choice. The Health Stack will deliver end-to-end support and high security and does everything from data collection to analysis. In that manner, Yunsu Lee, Vice President and Head of the Data Intelligence Team at Samsung Electronics, has stated- 

“By promoting the development of digital health services, we hope to ultimately improve the quality of life for people around the world. We also hope that the Samsung Health Stack, being an open-source project, will be helpful to many people in the field, and we welcome the participation of interested developers and researchers.”

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