Increase your Galaxy smartphones battery lifespan

A device’s battery is its most crucial component. Having a long-lasting battery also extends its life span. However, during the past few years, as manufacturers have made strides in terms of software support, the battery quality of their devices has started to fall short. Specifically, the battery becomes weaker after the device gets used for so long. It is indeed important and necessary to protect the battery for a longer lifespan.

If we talk about Samsung, as they started to provide four years of OS updates along with five years of software updates, users find it unnecessary to change their devices often, and because of it, their device’s battery gets weaker. To protect the battery, in 2021, the Korean firm introduced a feature named Protect Battery to its Galaxy Tab devices, which has now extended to Galaxy phones as well. 

Let us inform you this feature requires an Android 12-based One UI 4 or higher version in Galaxy smartphones. The feature basically limits the maximum battery charge to 85% instead of 100%. The reason behind this mechanism is, charging the lithium batteries 100% shortens the life span of the battery. If you also don’t want to change your device and protect the battery, you can get help from this Protect Battery feature. 

If you want to enable this feature, you should go through these steps- Settings > Battery and Device Care> Battery > Protect battery. Besides you can also find this feature in the quick toggles section and enable it. If it isn’t visible on quick toggles, just tap on three dots, tap the edit, find the Protect Battery feature, and then drag it from the Available buttons section in the upper half of the screen to the lower half of the screen.

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