What is the richest additional UI update, One UI 4.1 or One UI 5.1?

The South Korean tech firm Samsung undoubtedly holds the strongest and most appreciable User Interface in the tech world. The One UI of Samsung has got a total of 5 generations; in which the most recent one is One UI 5. For nearly every One UI generation, Samsung has provided an additional x.1 update and a larger screen dedicated x.1.1 with Android L update. 

Simply, all One UI generations have a total of three variants; for example, the One UI 4 has One UI 4.0, One UI 4.1, and One UI 4.1.1, in which the One UI 4.0 is the base variant, the One UI 4.1 is an additional update, and the One UI 4.1.1 (Android L) is a larger-screen-dedicated update, which is only for the Galaxy Z Fold and Galaxy Tab lineups. As the x.1 update is an additional update, it will surely have some advancements over its x.0 version. 

Today, we will find out which additional update is richer in terms of new offerings than its main update, among the One UI 4.1 and One UI 5.1. First, let us inform you that the One UI 4.1 was a successor to the One UI 4.0, and the One UI 5.1 is to the One UI 5.0. However, the One UI 5.1 hasn’t been officially launched yet, but we have gained sufficient information regarding its new-arrival features. Let’s start now. 

One UI 4.1: What new did it bring in comparison to One UI 4.0?

Samsung first introduced the One UI 4.1 nearly a year ago. It has brought various optimizations to its predecessor, One UI 4.0. Informatively, the new features that appeared with the One UI 4.1 update are listed below- 

  • Smart Calendar features.
  • Improved RAM Plus feature.
  • Innovative Smart Widget. 
  • Enhanced S Pen and Notes experience. 
  • New Camera and Gallery features. 
  • Other minor updates. 

Apart from these, the One UI 4.1 has also improved seamless connectivity to some apps. However, because it is an additional update, it doesn’t deliver numerous major updates and only brings minor modifications other than the features mentioned above. 

One UI 5.1: What new will it offer than the One UI 5.0?

The One UI 5.1 joined the talks just a few days ago and will make its official debut on 1st February 2023 with the Galaxy S23 series. It is also based on Android 13 and has customizable properties like its predecessor, One UI 5.0. Because the update hasn’t been official yet, knowing the complete modification is impossible, but we are providing the information received through rumor and the official website.  

  • Camera controller zoom feature (the only officially confirmed feature).
  • New widgets for Settings suggestions.
  • New Battery widget.
  • New Bixby vision widgets.
  • Different Samsung health activity Widgets.
  • New styles of Contacts widget.
  • New clock widgets.
  • Faster Weather app and widget size correction.
  • Overall bug fix for all One UI 5.0 devices.
  • New animation in system parts.

Notably, these are the expected features and modifications of the One UI 5.1 update, and the official update will bring many more than that. Informatively, because the additional updates gain the properties of its main x.0 update, it is clear that the One UI 4.1/5.1 are also just enhanced One UI 4.0/5.0. Conclusively, because the One UI 5 is better in many ways than the One UI 4, its additional update will also be better than the previous one (One UI 4.1). 

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