Try Samsung News before it’s released in your country: Here’s how to download & install

Recently, Samsung has planned to replace its Samsung free app. To do so, the company has released a new app, Samsung News. Currently, the app is only limited to the US, but in case you want to use it in other countries for your curiosity. You can easily use the app with the below steps, but before it, let’s know what Samsung News is.

Samsung News

Samsung News is a useful app which shows popular and trending content, including news articles and podcasts. The app has three main sections such as News Podcasts, and Following. By taping any of them, you can enjoy your desired content. The app works much like Google Discover, but the presentation of content is much better than it. As said earlier, the app is currently working in the US only, but it is expected to expand to other countries, including South Korea, Mexico, Italy, India, Germany, Canada and the UK. We will surely let you know whenever it will debut outside the US.

Method to use Samsung News in any country

We all know how tech enthusiast users are often curious to test the latest news available; if you want to see how Samsung News works without waiting for the official release in our country, know that all you need is a Galaxy smartphone updated to the latest One UI version.

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 To use the Samsung news in any country, follow the below steps

  1. Before doing anything, install the latest Samsung News app from this link.
  2. Now install it on your device; once it gets installed, press and hold the Samsung new app icon in the drawer.
  3. Next, click the “i” icon, which will be available in the top right corner of the pop-up menu.
  4. Now tap on the Samsung news settings and scroll down towards the end and tap on About Samsung News.
  5. Next, tap on the Samsung News text repeatedly until a pop-up menu appears asking for the password.
  6. And then enter “Carnival+1107” in the password field and tap on OK

After doing the above process successfully, it will show you a button containing developer Settings; just touch on it and then enable the Developer Mode, here choose the USA in the country Preset option; after doing the process now, close the Samsung News app from your device’s recent app menu. Then reboot your Galaxy smartphone or Tablet. Once the device is on, you can now open the Samsung News app from the app drawer and run the app easily.

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