Samsung Keys Cafe gets key sound feature with the latest version

Samsung has very evolved its Galaxy devices throughout the years; the company has strategically focused on customization to enhance more. The company has introduced a new app Good Lock which is packed with many configuration functions named modules. The Keys Cafe is also one of them, which offers the features to make changes to the built-in keyboard.

Good Lock’s Key Cafe v1.0.06.16 adds new features

For introducing new improvements and features, the company always pushes some new updates from time to time. The same is happening now; Samsung has rolled out a new update for the Keys cafe with version number The latest update brings a new feature that adds a function key sound, which sets different sounds for backspace and text. Apart from these, the update also includes some fixes that resolve the issues related to the custom keyboard and touch sound.

The latest update comes with a software size of 76.02MB; Samsung users can easily update the Keyscafe app from the Galaxy store. It is also worth noticing that the app is not available for devices that do not support Good Lock. 

Good Lock’s Theme Park now allows you to change the Color palette colors

Keys Cafe’s main features 

Being one of the Good lock modules, it offers many customization features, including:

  1. You can maximize or minimize the size of keys that you have trouble pressing. You can decorate your keyboard by adding different effects that appear after pressing the keys.
  2. It also offers to play games which improves your typing skill.
  3. You can also remap the keys or add new keys for comfort.

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