WhatsApp improving status updates with automatic sharing feature

In the past few days, the WhatsApp team added some new features to the app that are grabbing the attention of many users. Like in the last update, it has introduced some new features for in-app calls. Without taking a rest, the team has introduced new functionality that will bring automation to sharing status. Let’s know about it.

WhatsApp beta users can easily share statuses on Facebook

With the new update, WhatsApp beta users will get the new functionality of sharing their status on Facebook directly. This feature will make it easy to share information across platforms. If we talk about its working, whenever you upload a status on WhatsApp, it will ask you if you want to upload the same content on your Facebook. If you confirm it, then it will be shared as a story on your Facebook account.

WhatsApp beta brings buttons for handling calls in notifications on Android

If you are wondering, this functionality has already been available where we can share the WhatsApp status. The answer is: that the new update, it will save the extra steps and will make it easier to share the same information across platforms.

How to get the new feature

If you also want to use the new feature, you have to be enrolled in the WhatsApp beta program, so you can easily get the new beta version of the app. The latest feature is available on the new beta version However, after testing the feature, it will be available for the stable app; however, there is no specific time expected when the feature will be available for the public, but we hope it will be available soon because the Whatsapp team is actively pushing new updates for making it more batter for the users.

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