Samsung Galaxy users facing WhatsApp Dual Messenger crashing issues: How to fix

Samsung offers a Dual Messenger feature in its Galaxy devices, which is indeed helpful in making app clones. Recently, this feature has been showing some crashing issues with the Whatsapp Messenger app. This issue is making users frustrated as their device starts crashing whenever they open the Whatsapp clone app. Thankfully, users no longer need to worry about this issue as a Samsung Moderator shared some solutions for it. 

WhatsApp Dual messenger Crashing

Let us tell you, recently, one of the Samsung Moderators, the Community Manager, responded to the Whatsapp Clone’s immediate crashing issue on Samsung Community. They not only responded but also shared some solutions to overcome the problem. Let’s know what these solutions are, so those who are dealing with the crashing problem can give them a try. The solutions are listed below. 

  • At first, the Moderator recommended clearing up the cache for Whatsapp. In order to do that, follow the further steps- Go to settings > apps > Whatsapp > tap on force stop, then storage and clear the cache.
  • Then, they suggested uninstalling or re-installing the Whatsapp application, which will help prevent any software symptoms or updates from progressing completely.
  • Afterwards, we should deal with the cache partition, which stores temporary system data. Informatively, clearing the cache partitions makes the apps run smoothly and more freely, so it would be beneficial if you clear the cache partition regularly. 
  • At last, if none of these worked, you should try a factory reset. The factory reset will make your device as it comes out of the box. However, don’t forget to back up your device, as the factory resetting will clear up your device’s all settings and data. 

Nota bene, if even factory resetting didn’t work, then you can file an error report.

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