Samsung Galaxy Z Flip LTE and Galaxy A52 5G get new firmware in Australia

Samsung offers many devices, which always come with the best-built quality; this is why the company dominates in approximately every segment; as far as smartphones are concerned, there are several devices available that come in different lineups according to their specs and prices. Additionally, the availability of updates for each device makes it the most loved company; it always introduces new updates at the proper time for each eligible device, irrespective of its price range.

Samsung is now rolling out new updates for two more Galaxy devices, where one is the first foldable screen device, Galaxy Z Flip LTE, and the Galaxy A52 5G, which belongs to the mid-range category. The latest update brings the April 2023 security patch update for both devices, which will strengthen the security of Galaxy devices. Additionally, it also brings a new Image clipper function for the Galaxy Z Flip LTE device.

The latest update is rolling out in Australia for Galaxy Z Flip LTE and Galaxy A52 5G smartphones with version numbers F700FXXUBJWD2 and A526BXXU3EWD2. It is also worth noticing that both of the devices have already received the One UI 5.1 features in the previous update.

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The Galaxy Z Flip was introduced back in 2020 and comes with Android 10. Later the device received three more Android updates, including Android 11, Android 12, and Android 13 sequentially. The last major update for the device was One UI 5.1, and with this update, the smartphone is no longer eligible for any big upgrades; meanwhile, it will get the support of some more new security updates.

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Furthermore, Samsung debuted the Galaxy A52 5G device in the year 2021. The company launched this device with Android 11 preinstalled; however, with time, it gets a new major update, and the device is now running on Android 13; with the last One UI 5.1 update, it gets many new features. The device is eligible for at least three major updates, so it is expected to get one more Android update. Which means it will get an Android 14 update in the future.

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