Samsung is labeled as a brand with the greatest ease for users to repair their phones

Ever since covid pandemic, manufacturers and users have become too aware of repairing devices in homes without going out to any repair centre. To make it possible, electronic device manufacturers provide self-repairing kits and instructions or apps for proper guidance. Electronic Hub generally analyzes the time taken by the users to repair the device on foot, and the complexity of the step-by-step repair instructions found online.

Recently, it has been found out that the Korean firm Samsung’s year 2022’s Galaxy Phones were the easiest to repair. Hence, the Korean firm had the highest rating last year. Apple, Motorola, Google, and Xiaomi then followed the list. Informatively, this research compiles average repair times and the difficulty of info from repair guides on iFixit to determine which device is easier to repair.

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Let us inform you, as per the research, Samsung’s Galaxy A40 device launched in the year 2019 was the easier device to repair, with an average repair time of 32.6 minutes per repair. In this device, 42.9% of repairs were easy. In the 2nd place, there is Motorola’s Moto G7 device which was launched in the same year as the Galaxy A40 device. The third place has been taken by Samsung’s previous year’s Galaxy S22 Ultra device.

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The previous year’s attention seeker, the Galaxy S22 Ultra device, has an average repair time of 48.1 minutes with 33.3% repairs. On the other hand, Samsung’s Galaxy Note 10 device has been labeled with the “100% difficult repairs” rating. The device not only has an average repairing time of 58.4 minutes per repair but its repair instructions are also harder and difficult to follow. Google’s Pixel 7 device is also in the same category.

Besides, the Galaxy A53 and Galaxy A72 are also in the same situation. They do have shorter average repair times than the Galaxy S22 Ultra, but their repair steps are difficult; hence, they haven’t been considered an easy task. Overall, Samsung phones released in the year 2022 are the easiest to repair at home. The leading brand in smartphone home repair guides is Asus, which has been followed by HTC, LG, Samsung, and Apple.

Informatively, even previously as well, in the years 2013 and 2014, the Korean firm Samsung was the leading brand for ease of home repair. Now this time, it has once again become the world’s most repairable smartphone brand. However, this study didn’t include 2023 models, but there is a high possibility that Samsung will maintain its position with this year’s models as well, including the flagship Galaxy S23 series.

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