Android 14 Introduces Stunning Ultra HDR Photos and Refreshed Material You+ UI

Google has dropped its second Android 14 beta update for its Pixel smartphones; with this update, the company has come up with some new features which will help you to get more interesting things to do on your devices, like it adds some new features for the camera, introduce new capabilities of Material you on, and also introduced some new features which will take care of your privacy and security. Let’s know about them. 

Ultra HDR

Android phones are known for high-end cameras that support many DSLR-like features. HDR is the most common feature you can see in every latest smartphone. Nowadays, companies have introduced the latest technology of HDR, which is also known as Ultra HDR. But the older Android versions did not support Ultra HDR photos, which reduced the quality of the photos.

However, Google has solved this problem with Android 14. Now if you take photos from HDR, it will be saved in Ultra HDR format. Photos taken with HDR can be saved in the original 10-bit high dynamic range and viewed as such on premium devices. It is also expected that Google will introduce support for this format with its Google Photos app.

Health Connect

Google will release a health connect feature that will be available for Android devices; this feature will help users to track all the health-related data retrieved by different health apps in one place. In other words, you can easily discover how much you have done activities and manage them with different options.

Material You+

Google has extended Material You for the proper adoption of colors depending on background images. It brings color fidelity which makes it able to generate a wider range of colors. This will also get high- a contrast mode theme and a medium-contrast theme. Additionally, buttons and other components will be capable of adapting the background color of images.

Privacy & security 

As observed in the previous developer preview, it is seen that Google has focused on enhancing the security of Android devices. And with the Android 14 beta 2, we got to know about a new data share feature. This allows users to track app activity and identify where the location data has been shared. Additionally, they will also get monthly “data sharing updates for location”.

Better responsive animations

Android 14 adds new in-app animations, which smoothly run while touched by the user; similarly, it also adds predictive back animations for bottom sheets, side sheets, and search. This functionality is in the hands of developers whether they want to keep it for their devices. 

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