Samsung organises Fortnite tournament introduces Galaxy S23 Ultra that will travel the streets of Madrid by bus

Samsung is preparing to organize a tournament that will take place on the moving bus on the streets of Madrid. The main motive of this tournament is to experience the power of its Galaxy S23 users. To perform the tournament company has chosen the Fortnite game, and the competition will be set between online streamers and nine participants.

What is the timeline of this tournament?

According to the information, Samsung has started the tournament with participants, which is broadcast on influencers on May 11. After then, the nine qualified participants went to the second phase of the tournament and were presented with Buds2 Pro headphones. On May 23, these nine players will compete on a running bus that will circulate through the streets of Madrid.

Players will play their games on a Galaxy S23 Ultra device which will give them a unique gaming experience because it provides many game-friendly specs, such as a massive 5000mAh battery to get long-term backup. It will provide a smooth performance as it is powered by Snapdragon 8Gen 2 for Galaxy.

What will the last survivor get?

On the bus, players will get a unique experience; they will get the chance to travel with popular streamers Vitu, Suja, Thanix, and Regortread. These content creators will play bosses to beat within the game, so the other nine participants will have to beat them to win the prizes. From the nine players, the eliminated ones have to get out of the bus, so the player who survives till last will win the Galaxy ecosystems. In these, Samaung will give a unit of Galaxy S23, Galaxy Watch 5, Galaxy Buds 2 Pro, and Galaxy Tab S8.

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You can experience the tournament live by tuning in to the Twitch channels of each participating streamer. Meanwhile, all the exciting moments taking place inside the bus will be showcased on Samsung Spain’s TikTok channel, filmed using the advanced Galaxy S23 Ultra devices. Moreover, these smartphones will double as routers, ensuring a stable internet connection for the vehicle.

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