Netflix launches account sharing paid plan in USA

The streaming service Netflix announced its intention to introduce fees for sharing user accounts between households a few months ago. 

Netflix’s efforts to curb password-sharing have commenced in the United States. Following the recent implementation of new restrictions in Canada, Spain, Portugal, and New Zealand, Netflix is now introducing limits on account sharing in the U.S.

According to the streaming company, only individuals residing in the same household can share accounts. Therefore, you have two alternatives: transfer your friends and family members who benefit from your account to a separate membership or opt to share your Netflix account by paying an additional monthly fee of $8.

Netflix has taken the initiative to send emails to individuals who currently share their accounts with individuals outside their households. The email notifies them that they have two options: either transfer the profile of the outsider to a new account or add them as an additional member for a fee.

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The service will monitor the user’s behavior, and in case of suspicious activity tracking outside the home address, the user will be prompted for verification via the sent code. It will continue to be possible to watch Netflix through your account, even on the go, either on your personal devices or on the TV in the hotel.

The monthly fee for sharing an account is lower compared to the basic ad-free plan, which is priced at $10 per month. However, it is higher than the ad-supported plan, available at $7 per month. Standard plans are priced at $15.49 per month, while premium plans come at the cost of $20 per month.

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